Care Package Wish Lists

Hey Revive Crew,

This is the wish list for our care packages. We are making packages for eight members, so unless otherwise noted, we will need enough of each item on this list for each member. so we need a few of each item, unless it is specifically marked as requiring only a certain amount. If you are going to buy something from this list, go ahead and tell how much of each kind of item you are going to buy in the comment section below. [Edit: WordPress makes me approve comments before I can post them to the blog as a countermeasure for spam. If your comment does not show up right away, try checking a little later. I will be checking this site regularly to make sure your comments are being approved and posted ASAP.]

  • Junior Mints
  • Raisinets
  • M&Ms
  • Microwavable Pasta bowls
  • (1) bottle of super glue & small paint brushes
  • kool aid packets
  • hot sauce
  • (1) small can of green acrylic paint
  • gum
  • sunflower seeds
  • yogurt covered pretzels

Also, we will have encouragement cards ready for all of us to write notes to each member, as well as a prayer request list we can use to pray over everyone we are making care packages for.

Let me know if you have any questions!

– David

6 responses to “Care Package Wish Lists

  1. Nicole Pusateri

    This sounds GREAT, David! I probably missed something somewhere before this post, but I was just wondering who the care packages were being made for? Like people from the group, or the community, etc…??

    Sorry if it’s a repetitive question: I just was interested in getting involved, but wasn’t sure who we were doing this for! 😉



    • Hey Nicole,

      Great question. They are being made for Daniel, the Tayes sisters, Paige, Ben, Marcus H., Amanda S., and Corynne. i left off entire names just because I am not sure they would want their whole names online, but you should probably know everyone except for maybe Marcus, who is a friend of Ben and is at the University of Oregon.

  2. Oh yeah, also, if you want to be involved Nicole, you can come to Revive on Friday and bring the items to put in the care package. We meet will be meeting in the HS room at church at 7PM.

  3. These wish list items are for specific people. We actually only need a few of each item to place in ONE box.

  4. Thanks for the clarification, Brad. I just updated the post.

  5. Just swooped in on some paint and small brushes!

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