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Movie Night

The Revive Crew will be headed to the cinema this Friday (3/5) after our Bible Study to see Alice in Wonderland in RealD 3D!

Make sure you get your tickets in advance via Fandango since they are sure to sell our for this much anticipated release. We are watching it at Century 20 in Oakridge at 9:55 that night. New visitors are always welcome, but be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time so you aren’t left out your first night with Revive!

Click HERE to buy tickets.




I saw the preview for this movie in 3D when I went to see Avatar, and the part when Alice falls down the rabbit hole looks Cray-Cray in 3D!


Who are you guys?

Thanks for visiting the official blog of Revive College & Young Adult’s Ministry at Crossroads Bible Church in San Jose, California. We are a group of young men and women committed to transforming lives for Jesus Christ to impact the world!

And by “world” we mean your family, workplace, school, the homeless man you see on your way to work every morning, Mexico, India, and any other place in which you may have never imagined God using you!

What if I want to actually visit your group?

We meet from 7-9PM every Friday. Check out our LOCATION page for our current meeting place (our meeting times never change, but our location periodically changes to a different person’s home every 2-3 months, so check out the page to find us).

So, what’s up with the name?

What is the story behind the name “Revive,” you ask? It comes from the magnificent scene recorded in Ezekiel 37 where the prophet Ezekiel witnesses the LORD breath new life into a valley of dry bones, “…and the bones came together, bone to its bone…sinews were on them, and flesh grew and skin covered them…and the breath came into them and they came to life and stood on their feet, an exceedingly great army.”

We are committed to transforming this generation of college students and young adults into “an exceedingly great army” through in-depth Bible Study, authentic fellowship, prayer, and the exercise of each of our unique spiritual gifts! Amen! Phew!

Wait! I still have questions!

Any questions? contact david@cbclife.org